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If you're about to purchase from us for the first time, this helpful guide will arm you with the information you need to stand the best chance of snagging our games! View our Japanese purchase guide at 購入ガイド.

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The most important thing to know is that our games are really limited.

If you’re new to Limited Run (or you haven’t read this guide) you might want to check it out, we do things a little differently around these parts. Our games sell on a pre-order basis. Once pre-orders close or our set quantities are sold out, you won’t be able to purchase anymore. Our games are made-to-order and only printed once. Though this means you’ll have a highly collectable and limited item, it also means you may miss out on what you want. If you do miss out on a game you really wanted, there's always a chance to grab a copy from us at a future convention booth of ours, in January blowout sales, LRG popup shops, and our upcoming retail store in NC. Keep an eye out for details.

For every game we release, we order some extra stock to prepare for any lost, damaged, or shipping errors that could occur. These rarely happen, meaning a month or two after a game release we could have a pretty sizable pile ready to sell to fans at events. Keep in mind that we're most inclined to help out longtime customers as well as really friendly or polite fans. If you're maintaining a complete LRG set, we'll do everything we can to make sure your streak isn't broken. We're gamers and collectors too so if you have a personal story surrounding a game you missed, let us know and we might prioritize your case.

Tips & pointers

We’re not kidding when we say our games are limited. What it says on the tin is what you’re going to get: your very own extra ultra-rare title, of which few in the world exist. BUT that means that the competition for these titles can get fierce. Luckily, we’re about to arm you with some serious knowledge. Keep in mind the following when you see an upcoming release that catches your eye.

We hope these tips help you snag that awesome game you’ve had your eyes on. Thank you so much for your support. Happy hunting!

If you have any additional questions we didn't get around to explaining in this guide, please submit a ticket to our customer support.

We have two types of games for sale on our website: Numbered Titles and Distributed Titles.

Numbered titles are published by yours truly, the one and only Limited Run Games. These games open their pre-orders on Fridays at 10am ET. On the other hand, Distributed Titles (“distros” as we call ‘em here at the shop) are published by our friends and partners. We give them space on our storefront to sell their releases. These pre-orders open at 12pm ET on Tuesdays.

All of our games are limited but most are open pre-order.

In an effort to allow as many people as possible to order our games, we allow anyone to pre-order within four to six weeks depending on the title. Once the pre-order window closes we only manufacture enough for those orders, replacements, and a little extra to sell at future conventions. We never reprint games so buy when you can.

LIMITED releases have a set quantity and pre-orders drop in two batches.

If you miss the first 10am batch, there will always be another batch at 6pm ET on the same day. Here’s a handy time zone converter if you need help converting that time. If you do miss out on a game you really want, there's a chance to grab a copy from us at a future event, in a blowout sale, or at our retail store. Keep an eye out on our socials and subscribe to our newsletter to avoid missing out.

Trying to get a limited pre-order? Log in to any necessary accounts five minutes prior to a sale.

If you don't have an LRG account to store your address, create one ASAP. If you have one, log into it ahead of time. If you use PayPal, log into that five minutes ahead of the sale as well. First past the post wins, so do anything you can to shave precious time off of your checkout process.

Do you plan to pay for your limited pre-order with a credit card? Read on for a time saving tip.

While our site doesn't offer a way to keep your credit card data, many browsers like Google Chrome offer this functionality at a browser level. Store those details in your browser, and you’ll save precious seconds instead of fumbling for your wallet!

There is NO reserve on items that you have in your cart or at checkout.

Our site sells on a first-to-checkout basis. The faster you complete checkout, the better your chances are of getting what you want.

Speaking of limits, be aware of how much you can buy.

Note that limits are per customer across both batches. If an item is 1 per customer, you can't order 1 copy in each batch (that equals 2). Save some for the rest of us!

Make sure to try and buy from both batches until you're successful.

The first batch (10 AM ET) contains about 70% of our inventory, while the second (6 PM ET) has around 30%. If you want, you can purchase in both batches (as long as you adhere to the per-customer limits listed for each item)

Address Changes.

Address changes are easier than ever! Simply log into your account, go to your orders and click "address change." Keep in mind any requests to edit shipping addresses must be submitted by 11:59 PM EST on the Sunday following the run. If you don't have an account or you're having issues, simply submit a ticket to our support team so we can help you. Before shipping, we’ll also send you an email reminder to change your address if needed.


Please note that when placing any orders with us, we consider all sales to be final.


Typically our products can take up to 9 months to ship, depending on the item’s complexity and status of the supply chain. We do understand that the wait times can fluctuate but we promise it's worth the wait! Specific shipping updates and information can be found on the product page and via email updates.

Know what comes in a bubble mailer and what ships in a box.

Shipping Boxes can be added to an order if customers do not automatically qualify for a shipping box. If an order meets any of the following requirements, it will automatically go out in a shipping box. You get a box if you order any of the following:

  • 1 or more Collector's Edition or Boxed Edition
  • 2 standard edition games in which at least 1 is a PS4/PS5/Xbox
  • 3 standard edition games of any platform
  • Apparel & Book orders.

    Apparel only orders will ship in a PolyMailer. Book only orders will ship in a sturdy box via Media Mailer for customers in the US. Remember, if you want the cheap Media Mail rates but sure to only checkout with a book in your cart!

    What ships in a Bubble Mailer:

    Total order is a single
  • Standard game only (any platform)
  • Total order is two or less standard Switch games
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