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Yes, we ship worldwide! Click here for more details.

Shipping costs vary depending on the weight of the product, the number of items in your order, and your specific location. Your shipping cost is automatically calculated at checkout based on these factors.

Production begins after a pre-order window closes and can take an estimated 4-6 months for standard editions and 8-10 months for collector's editions. If we have any fun updates throughout production we'll make sure to share those in our monthly digital digest that goes out via email and to our blog so keep an eye out for those! Once those all components arrive they are then sent off to be assembled. After they are completed and back in-house they must go through inspection and then are added to the shipping queue which could take 1-2 weeks to ship depending on the current volume of the queue.

If you ordered something that is currently in-hand, those items are anticipated to begin shipping 1-2 weeks from placing your order. However, this timeline can vary based on the current volume of shipments our shipping team is working through at that time. 

Route is premium package protection and live tracking for your order. If your item is lost, stolen, or damaged you can get a replacement or refund in no time. Route also offers a live tracking app that shows you exactly where your package is when it's scanned on a responsive map.

We think so! Route will always be an optional add on to your order. Since Route has an automated claim app, your claim can be approved in a fraction of the time it would take for LRG to process, all without even having to talk to a human. Why is this? Route has dedicated staff just for this purpose. No more support tickets and you'll always be covered with Route. Also, if you're anything like us you obsessively check your tracking when an order is shipped. With Route you can view a real time map of where your package is and (optionally) subscribe to SMS updates for your order.

Open a support ticket with pictures of the damage and the order number. We generally accommodate all damaged games with the option of a return, partial refund, or replacement. If you want a replacement or a return, we’ll send a return label along with your new item so you don’t have to wait until your old product arrives at our warehouse or pay for shipping. Customers who purchase Route can make an instant claim through Route.


If you have any additional questions about your order or our products, please create a ticket. You can reach us at support.limitedrungames.com . Please keep in mind that we always aim to reply within one business day of receiving your message; however, response time can fluctuate depending on volume. If we receive a high number of messages at one time, it can take up to 2–3 business days to respond, so we appreciate your patience.

Please check our production updates page or the product page of the item you purchased to see when your order is expected to ship. Since we operate on pre-orders, generally our production time for Standard Editions and merchandise is estimated at 4-5 months after the close of the sale window. If you pre-ordered a Collector's Edition, it may take 8-9 months after the pre-order period ends to finish production. If your particular item may ship outside of its original shipping window, we will send out an email update to our customers.
Also, keep in mind that if you purchased multiple items in the same order, your order will only ship after the final item is complete with manufacturing. We appreciate your patience. It’ll be worth the wait when it arrives!

For Domestic orders, we generally require customers to wait 14 days from the last tracking update before assuming their package is lost in transit.

For International orders, we generally require customers to wait 21 days from the last tracking update without a recorded delivery.
It’s common for packages to arrive during, or even after, this window of time. Because we operate with limited quantity items, we want to be certain that your item is truly lost before going forward with a replacement.

All sales are considered final, but we can process cancelations on a case-by-case basis. There is no guarantee we can cancel your item because we manufacture products based on pre-order quantities.

Customers in the EU who request order changes on orders prior to EU VAT law changes this year may be subject to pay any differences in tax.

Protective items can be added by our Support Team post-purchase if requested within 60 days of placing your original order. This includes items like protective cases and shipping boxes. 

Outside of shipping boxes and protective cases, we can’t guarantee that we can add items because most of our items are limited. However, we welcome you to open a support ticket and make a request. We’ll see what we can do!

Unfortunately, multiple orders cannot be merged into one shipment.

You can now change your address on pending orders without the help of an agent. All you have to do is log in and go to your account. Click on the unshipped order you'd like to change, then click on the "UPDATE SHIPPING ADDRESS." You must repeat this for all unshipped orders. If you are moving out of the country please open a support ticket so an agent can assist you.

If you’ve found that your order has been canceled by mistake, please submit a ticket to our Support Team.

Orders that break our TOS will be canceled. This includes, but is not limited to the use of bots or breaking order limits on products (refer to product page for details). 

Canceled TOS violations will be subject to a 15% restocking fee. If it is a repeat offense, an additional 5% restocking fee will be assessed for each case: up to 100% of the order + shipping paid and could result in a ban. 


Our two most common reasons for bans are for individuals who break the order limits specified on product pages and individuals that issue chargebacks. You may see a full list of our policies Terms of Use here.

If you believe your order has a problem, was lost in transit, or damaged, please open a support ticket so we can resolve the issues before you request a chargeback. 

If you feel that you’ve received an account ban in error, please submit a ticket to our Support Team. 

We cannot and will not stop someone from selling our games if they are within our set limit. If they choose to sell the only copies they are allowed to buy, that is their choice. We will, however, cancel any additional orders if they go above our limit and may issue bans. If there are eBay listings of games we have not shipped yet, particularly on their sale day, we encourage them to be reported to eBay, as those listings break their presale policy.

We understand that life happens! Thankfully, our Support Team has the ability to look at each order on a case-by-case basis to see if you qualify! You may ask for a return or exchange within 30 days of delivery. 

Any items that include an emailed digital key cannot be returned. This does not apply to items with digital keys printed inside a sealed box.

You can open a support ticket here

Let us know viasocial media or Discord! Even if we don’t respond to every request, our staff is always scanning for feedback and requests. You’ve given us some great ideas over the years!

Nowadays, most of our items are open pre-order, meaning anyone who wants a copy of the game can order within a certain amount of time and there are no order limits. Occasionally, we still have limited quantity pre-orders when required to if there’s no possibility for open pre-order. 

Limited pre-orders can sell out extremely quickly, so we recommend reading our buyer’s guide to see how you can give yourself the best chance to secure a copy. 

As a rule, new items drop on Friday at 10am ET and second batches come out on Friday evening at 6pm ET. We recommend subscribing to our newsletter so you don’t miss any limited items.  

It is our policy that numbered Limited Run Games will never be reprinted, though we may order extra quantities to be sold at conventions, events, and through retailers. Part of the reason why so many developers choose to work with Limited Run Games is our favorable terms. After our sale, all rights revert back to the developer in which case they are free to do another physical print with other publishers.

Our no reprint policy does not apply to distributed (non numbered) titles, so be sure to check back on our site for restocks. 

We love working with retailers of all sizes, however we have paused brick and mortar retail partnerships at this time. Check back for more updates about partnerships in the future!

Our website shows USD prices.

Newsletters are done on a bi-monthly basis, and they’re first come first serve. They’re a free pack-in and are not guaranteed, nor do we offer replacements for damaged newsletters. If you’d like to read or self-print our newsletters, you’re free to do so. Check out this link to read or print past Club o’Fun letters. 

Though most of the games in our Limited Run Collection do come with trading cards, they are a free pack-in item and are not guaranteed unless otherwise specified on the product page. For this reason, we do not offer replacements for damaged cards. 

We do offer trading card protectors. If your order includes a trading card and there is a protector in your order, we will ship the card inside the protector   

Orders over 30 are not guaranteed to be in a factory sealed case pack. If you are a retailer who is not currently working with us and would like special requests on your order, please fill out our retail request form

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